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Arrow Fence & Shelter LLC in Blanchard, OK, serves Greater Oklahoma City, offering top-quality residential and commercial fencing solutions. Our experienced team ensures timely, budget-friendly projects and addresses potential issues. Hiring a professional fence contractor is vital, ensuring compliance with regulations and permits. We provide various fencing options, including wood, vinyl, chain link, iron, cedar, picket, aluminum, stockade, and split rail fences, catering to security, privacy, and aesthetics. We are committed to quality in all areas, including gate operators, carports, storm shelters and access control. We have many years of experience in the construction of fences and shelters. Call us today to schedule a consultation on custom fence installation.


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Blanchard is a French family name. It is also used as a given name. It derives from the Old French word blanchart which meant "whitish, bordering upon white". It is also an obsolete term for a white horse. == Geographical distribution == As of 2014, 42.3% of all known bearers of the surname Blanchard were residents of France (frequency 1:1,117), 36.3% of the United States (1:7,073), 8.7% of Canada (1:3,021), 3.5% of England (1:11,189), 1.7% of Haiti (1:4,397), 1.2% of Vietnam (1:56,908) and 1.1% of Australia (1:15,892).

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